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Hire a pro, not just a handyman! Whether you are a Residential or Commercial Client our goal is to perform at every level. We have the skills to deliver a safe project in a professional manner. Learn more about our services by calling us today (850)-629-8596!

Pressure Washing

Revitalize and Sanitize your property with Professional Pressure Washing TODAY!
Whether you are in need of power cleaning your driveways, sidewalks, commercial drive-thru’s, store entrances, pool decks, brick, or other surfaces, we have the right team and equipment for your Pressure Washing project in Tallahassee, Florida. Our process not only removes years of organic growth but also treats the root cause of many bio-contaminants to help extend the level of cleaning until your next service call.

Soft Washing

Safe, low pressure cleaning of your home, building, roofs or other property by killing at the root and rinsing away mold, mildew, moss, and algae growth. We are tough on dirt, yet gentle on your home and surroundings. The main culprit of most roof staining that causes black streaks is a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma followed by other microorganisms feeding off of and simultaneously attacking the shingles including mildew, algae, bacteria, moss, lichen, fungi. If not properly treated you will experience substantial reduction in the lifespan of your roof due to limestone fillers that accelerates organic growth in tandem with exponentially increasing your roof temperatures which dries and ages the petroleum in your shingles. We protect your plants, trees, shrubs, grass, locks, outlets, and other technology devices that may need covering. 

Window Cleaning

Restore the transparent look of your glass! Believe it or not clean windows create inviting spaces. A routine treatment plan will enhance your curb appeal, boost the energy performance of your windows, improve IAQ, and help to prevent dirt contaminants from eroding your windows over time. We are rated one of Tallahassee’s Best Window Cleaning Companies in Tallahassee, Florida!

Gutter Cleaning

Don’t let your property fall behind in maintenance. As a Homeowner or Property Manager it is important to perform frequent Professional Gutter Cleaning Service. This will help prevent premature failure of various roofing components, keep moisture under control, and keep pest where they belong – away from your property!
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