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Frequent Questions

What is Softwashing?

Simply put, Softwashing uses safe, low pressure cleaning on a micro level aided with surfactants and chemicals whereas pressure washing only cleans on a physical level using high pressure in most cases. Softwashing offers an exponential reduction in pressure, resources, noise, and can be done without harming constructed elements such as siding, wood, stucco, vinyl, roofing, windows, trim, gutters, as well as desired vegetation. Because softwashing treats the source of mold, algae, & mildew at its source, the treatment is able to actually clean many surfaces thoroughly, extending the duration before another visit is due.

How often should I get exterior cleaning work?

“Treatment Overlap” is visible when “Growth” occurs before another treatment is performed. In order to prevent this occurrence we usually recommend soft washing or pressure washing at least annually or semi-annually for most surfaces and at least quarterly for commercial applications – depending on materials and site conditions. For other services such as Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning you will find Treatment Overlap more frequently and usually follows the seasons, therefore requiring at least four visits annually. We recommend enrolling into one of our recurring service plans that best fits your needs in order to make your outdoor maintenance projects as hassle-free as possible.

Do we need to be home during quote/service appointment?

Generally speaking no, but please be sure that any areas that we may need access to quote/service are accessible prior to our appointment such as gates, driveways, sidewalks, locks, doors, or neighborhood gate codes. For your safety and ours please keep all persons, pets, vehicles, equipment, etc. outside of the scope areas throughout the duration of your appointment. 

How many windows do I have?

In order to maintain accuracy and protocol standards please Visit our Guide on how to count your windows.

What other services do you offer?

Other specialty services we offer are landscape design, mulch or pine straw supply/installation, shrub trimming, shrub planting, shrub removal, erosion control, property dusting, touch-point sanitation services.

What methods of payments do you accept?
 We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Cash, Checks Payable to Cleanscapes Exterior Cleaning LLC, PayPal, Tap to Pay, Square, Venmo – @Cleanscapes, CashApp – $Cleanscapes, Zelle. All payments are due upon completion of work, unless otherwise arranged.

*For mailed payments, please remit to: 1563 Capital Circle Southeast, #58 Tallahassee, Florida, 32301


Do you have any discounts?

We offer 10% new customer discounts, Seasonal Promos, as well as a Customer Referral Program. All discounts must be mentioned prior to a formal quote. 

Is there a deposit?

We do collect a 50% Deposit due once an appointment has been scheduled to reserve the date as well as to cover required supplies, etc. for your appointment.

Do we need to do anything before our appointment?

Please close all windows, doors, and notify us of any hazardous pre-existing conditions prior to work. We will secure any outlets, door locks, and surveillance equipment present as best as possible. Please finalize all service areas and scope where work is to be performed and have signed service agreement prior to start of work. We ask that any furniture, toys, lawn equipment, vehicles, pets, or any other items be removed prior to arrival and that all gates or screened porches remain accessible during your appointment. If possible schedule exterior cleaning prior to pine straw or mulching and edge all driveways and sidewalks to ensure consistent results. For House, Building, or Roof Washes, if possible, please run a water sprinkler cycle in your yard the night before as well as have any overgrown vegetation such as vines, grass/weeds, shrubs, or trees trimmed to allow adequate space for cleaning. For Window Cleaning, please have all screens removed prior to appointment or contact us if you would like us to add-on this service to your appointment. As always if we have earned your business, we hope to have earned your smile too! 

What if the weather is just not cooperating?

If there is a weather interruption Cleanscapes reserves the right to adjust the service date/time to ensure safety and optimal performance of our team.

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